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About us

Welcome to 'Benton End Flower Farm', Our team consists of  Jo and Carla, along with the much-needed support of our small team of volunteers and our main family of cheerleaders Dave, Jo's partner, and Simon (Carlas Husband) and children.

Carla (Owner of Benton End Farm) and Jo (Farmer) became business partners in early 2023, Jo was no stranger to farming and floral design having previously farmed land in Bentley (Applewood Acres) with Dave her partner, both for food crops and cut flowers before moving to Hadleigh.

Jo needed new land to grow cut flowers...Carla had land!

Carla wanted to grow cut flowers...Jo had the knowledge!

and so the flower farm was born!

As good friends and business partners, Jo and Carla work really well together each bringing forth skills and floral design qualities to the business, 2023 has seen real support from the local community for the girls, whom they are truly grateful, as the business hit the ground running and is going from strength to strength, as well as winning awards!

Whilst both Jo and Carla love the outdoors, horses, and flowers in general, Jo's strengths bring forth the art in floral design, teaching and practical implementation of growing sites, and Carla's creative pot planting, the art of great garden textiles along with garden accessories, and teaching bring the farm to life, whilst both having a keen eye for design, they are able to create floral magic, from their 8ft flower stallion installation to floral clouds that have that wow factor, nothing is out of bounds and most importantly their love for cut flower growing, along with a good sense of humor see's this as a winning combination.


The flower farm, whilst fairly private nestles quietly behind one of the most historically important houses in Suffolk, known internationally for the work and life of the famous plantsman and artist 'Sir Cedric Morris' situated in the beautiful historic town of Hadleigh in Suffolk UK. The farm's proximity to Sir Cedric Morris's old home is literally a few footsteps away, in fact, Jo and Carla met whilst Dave (Jo's partner) was Benton ends electrical contractor and caretaker, Jo and Dave lived for a short time in The Coach House which is directly opposite Benton end house and next Benton End Farm! so it is literally stones throw from both the annual flower field and the 'pick your own' field, next to the top half of Benton End house garden. We are truly blessed to create a very special flower farm in the heart of a truly special place.

​Hadleigh is a wonderful town, with lots to offer, whether it be lunch at one of the local restaurants or public houses or a browse around the high street with its array of independent shops, you are sure to find something to do after or before your visit here at Benton End Flower Farm.


N.B The flower farm is strictly by appointment only, making it exclusive, private, and super special to all who choose to visit us. It is still a working livery farm (Horses) and so we ask all who visit to be respectful of those who keep horses at the farm, making sure you drive slowly through yards and closing gates behind you.

Carla and Jo love sharing their joy of growing flowers with you and so welcome inquiries regarding any part of their flower journey, services, or events. 


Let’s Work Together

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